Dance4life Capacity Building Support

Organization/client: Dance4life
Year: 2018 - 2019

Dance4Life works across Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. They work with young people to shape their future by supporting them in making healthy sexual choices and develop healthy relationships. In 2016, Dance4Life franchised its youth empowerment model and spent 2017 deciding what kind of organizations would be ideal to work with, by developing a partner profile and a desk review/key informant’s process to identify potential allies. As part of their process, Dance4Life is strengthening the capacity of organisations with whom they have partnered in the past to ensure they are able to meet the profile and continue working with Dance4Life within the new model. In this process, Dance4Life partnered with IWORDS Global to strengthen the capacity of two organizations within the Dance4Life network: Youth Network for Sustainable Development (YNSD) in Ethiopia and Theatre for Social Change (TfSC) in Ghana. The institutional support provided focused on Strategic Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, Branding, and Resource Mobilization and was provided online through webinars and through face to face workshops, trainings and coaching sessions.

Evidence Review: Effective Models to Support Family Engagement in Educating and Ending All Forms of FGM

Organization/client: Integrate UK
Year: 2018

Integrate UK is a youth-led charity that empowers young people to take an active and positive role in transforming the society they live in. The areas they work on include female genital mutilation (FGM), grooming for child sexual exploitation (CSE) and radicalisation, grooming for gang and drug culture, right-wing extremism, honour-based violence and abuse (including forced marriage), girl shaming and most recently, gender stereotyping, gender inequality and sexual harassment. Integrate UK is supported by Comic Relief, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Zed productions, Stars Foundation and other private funders. IWORDS Global supported Integrate UK by implemented a review for the purpose of identifying and compiling existing evidence on good practice models for engaging families to change knowledge, attitudes and behaviours related to FGM in the United Kingdom (UK), especially in FGM practising migrant communities. The review also extended to other countries in the Global North with similarities in terms of FGM Prevalence/trends and patterns of migration as the UK. Five electronic databases were used to conduct the research (UN Library, EIGE, Grey Literature Report, OpenGrey, Google Scholars) as well as key informant interviews. An extensive review of 39 documents and websites of agencies such as USAID, the European Union, GIZ, SIDA, and NORAD among many were consulted for this assignment. The reference materials focused on the European countries, among them seven in the United Kingdom; fourteen of them focused on African countries (mainly in Senegal, Somalia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Ghana, Guinea, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Yemen, Namibia, Mauritania, and Oman).

Girls to the Front: A snapshot of girl-led organising

Organization/client: Mama Cash and FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund
Year: 2018

Mama Cash and FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund, two women’s funds long committed to supporting girls and their organising commissioned an online research study at the beginning of 2018 in technical support from IWORDS Global to find out more about how girls-led initiatives are organising across the world. The talented IWORDS Global’s consultants in UK and Spain together with field researchers in Nepal and Colombia implemented the research focusing on high-quality data generation and analysis from girl-led groups and organisations, girl-centred organisations and the stakeholders that support them at different levels. The ground-breaking research involved girl advisors as co-researchers with diverse backgrounds, profiles, and skills on working with girls and youth in community level from the Philippines, Uganda, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, and Bolivia. Thus, this participatory, feminist, intersectional research placed girls at the centre, making them partners of the study. The research study used desk review and in-depth interviews with organisations and individuals supporting girl-led groups, girls-focused organisations, girl-centred organisations, former and current girl-led groups/organisations and government entities focusing on girls together with current and former girl-leaders and activists. In addition, an extensive mapping of approximately 430 similar organisations was conducted. Online questionnaires via Survey Monkey in five languages to girl-led and girl-centred organisations and stakeholders were also administered as part of the study. The characteristics of and main barriers to Girls’ organising were explored through the research and are outlined in the ensuing report. Recommendations for funders on how to support girls and their initiatives and provide flexible support that responds to the needs of girls and their organizing were important outcomes of the study.

Evidence Meeting -Adolescents and Youth in the Middle East and North Africa

Organization/client: UNICEF
Year: 2017

In 2017, IWORDS Global was appointed by UNICEF to coordinate the conceptualization, organization, implementation and follow up of the Evidence Meeting on Research on Adolescents and Youth in the MENA region. The Meeting will enable implementers and researchers to share findings on issues of relevance to adolescents and youth and from interventions with adolescents and youth from the region, which are proven to have had a positive impact.  Participants at the Evidence Meeting include Implementers, Researchers, Young People, and Representatives of donor agencies. The conference comprises of a presentation of the latest findings, a donor briefing, and a capacity development on the Adolescent and Youth Engagement Toolkit. The conference is followed by the provision of on-demand support by the UN Interagency Technical Team on Young People.

With and For Girls Collective: Capacity Building Webinar Series

Organization/client: Stars Foundation
Year: 2017-2018

The “With and For Girls Collective” (WFGC) is a group of seven funders who have come together to co-create a global awards initiative to find and fund grassroots girl-centred organisations working with and for girls. An essential part of the award package is capacity building support, aiming to build their long-term resilience and strengthen their ability to achieve their vision, mission and objectives. IWORDS Global was appointed to conduct capacity building training on monitoring and evaluation to the 60 awardees from 2015, 2016, and 2017, based in 41 different countries. The work included desk reviews for about the 60 organisations, development of a briefing document for the participating organisations, the implementation of an online survey (offered in five languages), content development and preparation of webinar sessions, the production of handouts and training material, the implementation of two webinar in three languages, individual follow-up support to each of the twenty 2015 award winners, and the development of a Community of Knowledge.

Evaluation of the Youth Delegate Exchange Programme

Organization/client: Norwegian Red Cross
Year: 2016-2017

The Youth Delegate Exchange Programme (YDEP) is an initiative of the Norwegian Red Cross established in 2001, through which youth volunteers (21 to 28 years old) participate in an exchange initiative with other National Societies. In November 2016, IWORDS Global was hired to evaluate the YDEP against the five OECD standard criteria using a mix of techniques including desk review, focus groups, key informant interviews, an online survey, write shops and a Participatory Ethnographic Evaluation and Research (PEER) methodology. The evaluation included field visits to Nepal, Norway, and Colombia. A final report was drafted with main findings and recommendations, which was presented to NorCross staff and other stakeholders. 

Final evaluation of the Danish Red Cross project “Palestinian Youth as Agents of Change”

Organization/client: Danish Red Cross and the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS)
Year: 2017

The project “Palestinian Youth as Agents of Change” aimed at empowering Palestinian youth in Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine to take up an ethical leadership role in their community and to build capacity for practising non-violent conflict resolution and peace. In May 2017, IWORDS Global was appointed to evaluate the project’s relevance/appropriateness, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability, as well as to draw conclusions, lessons learned and recommendations. A final report was submitted in July 2017.