Why is it important to celebrate World Contraception Day?

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August 26, 2020
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October 12, 2020

Why is it important to celebrate World Contraception Day?


Since the 26th of September, 2007, the annual event of International Contraception Day has raised awareness of planning pregnancies, practising safe sex, and continual education in order to empower the rights of women. 

Every pregnancy should be desired. Women, and their partners, must be informed of their sexual rights before making a life decision. Birth control allows people to freely choose when or how many children they want to have. This also affects the financial lives of families and, consequently, the education of children in our society.

Facilitating global access to these methods allows women to plan their pregnancies. Thus avoiding unwanted pregnancies, as well as reducing teenage pregnancies, and maternal and child mortality. Young women who are not prepared to face pregnancy, whether for mental or physical reasons, are the first to benefit from contraception.

Providing reproductive health autonomy has positive consequences for women in our society. It allows them to become more involved in education, employment, and gives them the possibility of real empowerment!

Access to contraception also helps control the growth of the world’s population. Although the decision to have a child is a personal choice, having them without prior planning increases overpopulation, subsequently affecting the environment, the economy, the health system, and education. 

According to data from the WHO, an estimated 214 million women in fertile age want to postpone  the process, but they do not use any contraceptive methods. Preventing unwanted pregnancy is a conscious right and a decision that empowers women in our society, allowing them greater participation in the social sphere.

At IWORDS Global, we work for human rights. Our goal is to be part of the solution to society’s challenges. Thanks to our experience in this field, we are committed to early contraceptive education, serving as a tool for improving the sexual and reproductive health of young people and pregnant women.

We are aiming to raise awareness of ‘International Contraception Day’ on the 26th September. We need your help by sharing this article on your social networks and continuing to raise awareness of people’s sexual and reproductive rights.

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