Online platforms for content development

Organization/client: Safe2choose
Year: 2014 and 2016

safe2choose is a social enterprise, part of an international non-profit movement, whose mission is to provide safe and accessible abortion pills to women who want them. Its team includes multilingual counsellors, medical doctors and experts in the field of public health, international development and social entrepreneurship. In 2014, our team (then iwords&images) was invited to offer content development support to this initiative. Over 18 months we supported safe2choose to develop protocols, clinical guidelines and training tools, as well as website content and client user guides. Additionally, in 2016 the IWORDS Global Team assisted safe2choose in the development of content for a website on Reproductive Rights and Access to Safe Abortion in times of Zika. web content development

Year: 2015

The technical and creative team of IWORDS Global was asked to develop the webpage (I decide). The platform seeks to offer women in Latin America, in particular in Peru up to date information on how to face an unwanted pregnancy. The page offers resources such as local legislation regarding voluntary interruption of pregnancy, different options if a woman decides to interrupt her pregnancy, list of local organizations that offer support to women facing an unwanted pregnancy, and up to date, safe and scientifically proven information regarding contraceptives, pregnancy, and abortion. IWORDS Global led the entire process mapping other websites on abortion in Latin America, developing the technical and visual contents, the brand, user management, and positioning of the page.