Evaluation of the Programme ‘Prevention of Violence and Community Resilience in the Americas’

Organization/client: Red Cross Canada
Year: 2017

In February of 2017, IWORDS Global was appointed to evaluate -and document lessons from- the Canadian Red Cross project "Prevention of Violence and Community Resilience in the Americas", implemented in Nicaragua, Honduras, y Jamaica. Our assignment focused on the component ‘Prevention and Response to Violence’ implemented between 2013 and 2016. It was conducted under the principles of inclusion and participation, maximizing rigor without compromising relevance, executing with a purpose, protection of all parties involved, and adherence to OECD criteria and Red Cross standards for evaluations. Our team proposed a methodology that combined traditional and participatory approaches, employing methods such as the “Participatory Ethnographic Evaluation and Review” (PEER Review) and the Most Significant Change (MSC), in order to build the capacity of the people involved. The evaluation was conducted to collect quantitative and qualitative information through in-depth review of documentation, semi-structured interviews, focus groups, and in-field collection of secondary information.

Evaluation of the program “Prevention of Urban Violence in the Americas” – Guatemala, Colombia y Panama

Organization/client: Norwegian Red Cross
Year: 2015

Norwegian Cross and other partnering National Societies have been promoting initiatives to mitigate the impact of violence through their wide network of volunteers. Part of it is the program Prevention of Urban Violence in the Americas, implemented in Panama, Colombia and Guatemala between 2012 and 2014. The program focused on children and youth in communities at risk of violence and aimed at strengthening the capacities of the Red Cross National Societies and its partners on the subject. IWORDS Global (then iwords&images) was appointed to carry out the final evaluation using a mix of techniques including desk review, focal groups, key informant interviews and Participatory Ethnographic Evaluation and Research (PEER). A final report was drafted with main findings and recommendations. The translation of the report was also commissioned to the IWORDS team.