Our team brings extensive experience leading and facilitating strategic planning processes for organizations, initiatives and networks, big and small, throughout the world. We consider these processes as great opportunities for organizations to stop and have an introspective look at themselves as live, changing entities, considering how far they’ve come in their work, where they are and where they would like to be in terms of their social mission, long term goals and vision. Every client´s process is different and unique and we are happy to tailor our support to your particular needs.


We provide technical assistance to organisations in their efforts to plan and accomplish long term goals through the development of frameworks and the strengthening of institutional processes. Our approach is conceived as a learning process, where we establish a close teamwork with our clients, beneficiaries and relevant stakeholders through meetings and participatory sessions to identify needs, priorities, objectives and the paths to accomplish these.


A theory of change is a comprehensive and illustrative description of how and why change is generated by a programme or intervention. It is an analytical mapping tool that explains the successive changes that need to happen during and after the implementation in order to attain the goal of the project. We offer organisations all the necessary support to formulate processes of change, by collaboratively identifying the needs, objectives, assumptions and risk involved in a project.


Our team has years of experience in project and programme design on different issues of the development agenda. We have led and accompanied processes and we know what it takes to successfully design projects and programs that address the needs of the communities while keeping in line with organizational goals and capacities.

As such we can offer support to organizations in assessing their needs, institutional capacity and readiness, and internal and external context when planning new programs and projects. We do this by facilitating community consultation processes, implementing needs assessments and baseline analysis and working with stakeholders at all levels in the development of SWOT analysis, theories of change and strategy and logic frameworks.