Our team offers multiple services. Our clients can access individual services or packages. For instance, we can help you with your fundraising efforts (proposal preparation). As part of that process, we can help you find your unique value proposition, support the project design, the development of monitoring and evaluation tools, etc. We can help you prepare the proposal in your own language and translate it to comply with the funder requirements. Do you have the funds already? Then we can support you with operational research efforts, identification of best practices, mid-term reviews, design and translation of key publications developed during the life of the project and evaluation. We can also help you navigate the strategic planning process of your organization or group, using participatory and flexible methods.

With and for girls

In 2017, we had the opportunity to work with over 60 women-led organizations, helping them to improve their monitoring and evaluation systems. Proud of our collaboration with Stars Foundation

Harm reduction services

From 2017, we have been supporting organizations in Uganda and Tanzania, to increase access to essential sexual and reproductive health services

Girl-led organising

In 2018, we supported Mama Cash and FRIDA to conduct a pioneer global research on girl-organising. Want to know more? Contact us

UN:NGO MENA Group Adolescents and Youth

In 2017-2018 we supported the first edition of the "Translating research into scaled-up action: Evidence symposium on adolescents and youth"
Our team, visiting Women Lead in Nepal -Girl-Organising Consultancy 2018