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August 7, 2020
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A website that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion

We’re really happy to share with you some news about a super exciting project we’re working on at IWORDS Global:

? An inclusive communication platform ?
So, what is it?
? It’s a website that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion. In which you’ll be able to find ? linguistic resources about key topics, from a human rights perspective. The site will be in Spanish at first, and then you’ll find it available in English and (hopefully!) in other languages as well.

? Which linguistic resources?
1. A team of experts have been working on ‘Reflexionaries’, which are glossaries with a deeper insight in their definitions about the following topics:

♀️=♂️ Gender Equality
♿ Disability
♻️ Environment
?️‍? Gender and Sexual Diversity
? Youth
? The Indigenous and Tribal populations
?? Migration

2. You’ll also find a Non-sexist Language Guide that you can use to express yourself and to write statements from a gender-sensitive perspective.

3. A key aspect: the platform will be dynamic and bi-directional! That means that we are providing a great amount of tools and resources, but our aims are:
For people to ask questions
To give their opinions
To contribute in the never-ending process of building this shared and democratic website.

? Who is it for?
Everybody, really! But it’s being built specially for people who need to communicate messages clearly and accurately about the topics mentioned above. For example, journalists, translators, interpreters, educators, researchers, etc.

? When is it going to be available?
Very soon! So stay tuned to know more about the launching event! 🙂

? Do you want to know the team?
Mónica Ropaín is the project Director. She is super talented and excels at developing, coordinating and supervising the great variety of processes the project entails.
Soledad Bellido is the Linguist of the platform. She is very detail-oriented and will ensure you can read accurate, respectful and non-sexist texts in the website.
Mariana Espinel is the Communications Officer of the project. Her ability to convey messages in a fresh and friendly manner will surely reach the right target audience.
Adrian Cortes, Graphic Designer of the webpage, is developing super creative and accessible visuals so you can enjoy every aspect of the webpage.

? “Have you worked with specialists in the above-mentioned areas?”
Of course! And we’d really like to thank them for all the hard work they have done!

Fernando Ruiz is specialist in Gender and Sexual Diversity
Cecilia Correa and Nayla Procopio are specialists in Youth
Marcello Abate is specialist in Indigenous and Tribal Peoples
Clara Blas is specialist in Migration
María Fernanda Salazar is specialist in Gender Equality
Nayibe Sánchez is specialist in Disability
Ariela Schitnman is specialist in Environment

Moreover, none of this would have been possible without the generous support of key organisations, experts, academics and other individuals. They have colaborated with us from Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean. They participated in focus groups and completed surveys to collect information. (Are you one of them? Tag yourself in this post!) 

? So, the last question, are you going to join us in our efforts towards building a more integrated, fair and inclusive society through the power of language?

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned to know more!

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