Familiarity with the requirements, processes and rules of different donors

Organization/client: Including European Union, USAID, DFID, NORAD, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other private donors.
Year: 2017

-Project Proposal Development “Forgotten Crises” (European Union funding). International Planned Parenthood Federation, 2017 -Proposal development for organizations interested in accessing UN Trust Fund support. -Project Proposal Development, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan (European Union funding). International Planned Parenthood Federation/ European Network, 2017.

Financial Sustainability Support IMPACT AWARDS Recipients

Organization/client: Stars Foundation
Year: 2016-2017

The Stars Foundation ‘Impact Awards’ recognise and reward outstanding local organisations improving the lives of children in the countries with the highest rates of under-five mortality. In 2015, in the Latin America-Caribbean region Stars awarded eight organisations from across its five regional priority countries: Bolivia, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru. IWORDS Global was hired to design and deliver interactive and engaging workshops for the 2015 Impact Award winners. Each winner is entitled to receive two capacity building workshops. The first one was implemented in March 2016 and was focused on financial sustainability. The second one was held in April 2017, in Asunción, Paraguay, and addressed monitoring, evaluation and learning for fundraising purposes. The idea was to conduct capacity building exercises to strengthen internal policies and processes that support financial sustainability, fundraising strategies and income generation plans. After the first workshop, IWORDS Global prepared a document outlining the most significant changes resulting from the capacity building sessions for dissemination among key stakeholders. The second workshop focused on Institutional impact evaluation, development of programme and projects monitoring, evaluation and learning frameworks (Theory of change/Results-based frameworks, SMART indicators, Innovative data collection methods); and Meaningful use of data. The methodology combined participatory activities, panels and presentations by the facilitator and experts in the field.

Support to grantees in the development of proposals and monitoring of initiatives

Organization/client: Safe Abortion Action Fund
Year: 2015

The Safe Abortion Action Fund is a grants mechanism that funds more than 100 organizations in more than 50 countries, with the purpose of carrying out political incidence and sensitization initiatives around the issue of abortion, generating evidence and service provision. In 2015, the Fund had a new call for proposals. More than 10 organizations were chosen to be funded. In Latin America, however, 7 of these organizations needed a common monitoring and service quality framework, to fulfil the requirements of the Fund. IWORDS Global (then iwords&images) was hired to bring tailored support to organizations in Peru, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay and Guatemala (focusing both on programmatic as well as financial components); and to prepare a comprehensive tool for service quality auditing for organizations with different levels of service provision in more than 40 countries. This work was carried out remotely (through Skype and making use of web seminars and other tools to promote the active participation of those involved).