Assisting Palladium’s efforts with cacao farmers in Peru through the Peru Cacao Alliance

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Assisting Palladium’s efforts with cacao farmers in Peru through the Peru Cacao Alliance

Photo by De joannapg on Shutterstock

Photo by De joannapg on Shutterstock

IWORDS has provided specialized translations for Palladium for over five years 

As a leading firm that works with different stakeholders to address the world’s most pressing issues, Palladium is committed to helping their clients achieve lasting positive impact. For the past 50 years, they have aided clients by ‘formulating strategies, building partnerships, and implementing programmes that have a lasting social and financial impact’. Their areas of expertise are diverse, including economic growth, education and workforce development, the environment, and inclusive growth.

IWORDS has been collaborating with Palladium for over five years through our language services department on multiple documents, newsletters, and donor reports in different languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French). One of the most recent collaborations has been to assist Palladium in their efforts with cacao farmers in Peru through the Peru Cacao Alliance (PCA)

The PCA is guided by the belief that ‘Cacao and chocolate supply chains will be socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable if farming families are too’. USAID supports this alliance; it looks to provide alternatives to illegal coca crops and, at the same time, protect the Amazon rainforest. The objective of this partnership—which includes cooperatives, farmers, processors, and technology companies—is to make Peru a subtle flavour chocolate powerhouse, and do so in a sustainable way that acknowledges the importance of the environment. 

The positive impacts of these efforts are endless, but a couple worth highlighting include a 29% growth in average area harvested and a 16% increase of average cacao prices on farms between 2017 and 2019 (9% increase per harvest). These numbers are only a small picture of the impact that the PCA, and therefore Palladium, has had on cacao farmers in Peru. 

Our role in these achievements has been to translate technical reports, budgets, and presentations, among other documents. IWORDS’ contribution has been possible thanks to our extensive experience providing specialized language services (over 15 million words translated and edited to date) in a range of fields, including international cooperation, human rights, and development. Additionally, our translators and editors—who are native linguists in the target language—strive to deliver quality translations and to do so with linguistic standards in mind while ensuring that language choices match the specificities of the final audience.

IWORDS Global is privileged to work with Palladium in these efforts and to collaborate in such a way that aligns with our vision of supporting civil society organizations, international agencies, social ventures, and other initiatives working on rights, development, relief, and sustainability.

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