We know an integral part of any organization’s work is the monitoring and evaluation of its projects and programs, it determines the quality of the work being done and the ultimate success of the organization and the communities it serves. Be it external evaluations required by donors or support in internal evaluation processes, our expert team can lend a helping hand. With years of evaluation experience under our belts we are able and ready to guide your organization’s monitoring and evaluation processes.

How can we support your M&E initiatives?

Evaluating your own work and the impact it has on the communities you are seeking to reach can be tricky and oftentimes having an external point of view can help. Our team has years of experience implementing and evaluating projects, we have been where you are and we will be happy to support you in these processes, offering our experience and expertise and our passion for your work.

What guides our work on evaluation?

Every evaluation initiative we implement is different as it responds to the needs of each organization and to the particular work they do. However, our basic EVALUATION CRITERIA is to assess effectiveness, efficiency, impact, relevance and sustainability of the initiative.  In order to do this, we use a MIX OF QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE TECHNIQUES, such as desk reviews, key informant interviews, online surveys,  PEER review models, focus groups, photo documentation and more.

Our main aim is to support organizations in recording how they make change happen –how things are planned, how things are done, successful/less successful efforts and how the project adapts to challenges and changes in the environment. By focusing on STORIES OF CHANGE individuals and organizations involved in programs and projects can learn, improve upon their interventions and share lessons with the wider movement of stakeholders.

We are guided by INTERNATIONAL EVALUATION PRINCIPLES and standards including objectivity, stakeholders’/beneficiaries’ participation, gender sensitiveness, transparency and focus, reliability, fairness and protection of the interests of all people involved, and utility.

 What about monitoring?

We know monitoring must be ongoing and a permanent component in all initiatives and we know it can also be one of the biggest challenges for many organizations. In addition to helping you evaluate the work you have done or are currently doing, we can also offer support in developing supportive supervision plans, tailored financial, narrative and data reporting formats, quality assurance and improvement tools, SMART indicators and guidelines for meaningful use of all data collected during the monitoring processes and more.