Case studies 2015

Evaluation of the program “Prevention of Urban Violence in the Americas” – Guatemala, Colombia y Panama

Organization/client: Norwegian Red Cross

Year: 2015

The Norwegian Red Cross (NorCross) is part of the Red Cross Red Crescent International Movement, an international humanitarian volunteer-based movement led by the principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.  NorCross has branches across Norway and an international department that supports initiatives by other Red Cross National Societies throughout the world.

NorCross and other Red Cross National Societies with which it collaborates, havw been implementing initiatives to mitigate the impact of violence through its wide network of volunteers. Through the “Program of prevention of urban violence in the Americas” (2012-2014), the organization has sought to contribute to the prevention of urban violence, focusing in Panama, Colombia and Guatemala. The program focuses in children and youth in communities at risk of violence and strengthens the capacities of the Red Cross National Societies and its partners. IWORDS Global (then iwords&images) was asked to carry out an evaluation of the project using a mix of techniques including desk review, focal groups, key informant interviews and a participative methodology of PEER review. A final report was drafted with main findings and recommendations and an executive summary. The translation of the report was also commissioned to the IWORDS team.

Latin American consortium against Unsafe Abortion – Evaluation of strategic plan 2011-2014

Organization/client: Consorcio Latinoamericano contra el Aborto Inseguro (CLACAI)

Year: 2015

The Latin American Consortium against Unsafe Abortion is a collective made up of activists, service providers and professionals that contributes to decreasing unsafe abortion in Latin America. It promotes the access to information and modern and safe technologies in the framework of respect to sexual and reproductive rights, from a perspective of gender and equality.

Marcela, in her capacity as Director of IWORDS Global (then iwords&images) was hired to evaluate the achievements of the Latin American Consortium against Unsafe Abortion within the framework of its strategic plan 2011-2014. The evaluation centered in analyzing efficacy, coherence, harmonization, accountability, sustainability, efficiency and impact of the work of the Consortium during that period of time. The methodology included a revision of available documents, an online survey for extended membership, 8 key informant interviews, the development of 3 case studies and the preparation of a final report that was used to generate the draft for the new strategic structure.

Support to grantees in the development of proposals and monitoring of initiatives (Safe Abortion Action Fund)

Organization/client: Safe Abortion Action Fund

Year: 2015

The Safe Abortion Action Fund is a grants mechanism that funds more than 100 organizations in more than 50 countries, with the purpose of carrying out political incidence and sensitization initiatives around the issue of abortion, generating evidence and service provision. In 2015, the Fund had a new call for proposals. More than 10 organizations were chosen to be funded. In Latin America, however, 7 of these organizations needed a common monitoring and service quality framework, to fulfill the requirements of the Fund. IWORDS Global (then iwords&images) was hired to bring tailored support to organizations in Peru, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay and Guatemala (focusing both on programmatic as well as financial components); and to prepare a comprehensive tool for service quality auditing for organizations with different levels of service provision in more than 40 countries. This work was carried out remotely (through Skype and making use of web seminars and other tools to promote the active participation of those involved).

Barometer on women’s access to modern contraceptive options

Organization/client: International Planned Parenthood Federation/ Western Hemisphere Region

Year: 2015

International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region -IPPF/WHR works with 50 partner organizations, in 40 countries across the Americas and the Caribbean.  Their local partners are autonomous, local organizations aiming to ensure the fulfilment of sexual and reproductive rights for all, including universal access to high-quality sexual and reproductive health services and comprehensive sexuality education.

The barometer on women’s access to modern contraceptive options is a comparative tool regarding the policies and real access of women to modern forms of contraceptive, allowing for a general vision of the region. It is also a tool that can be used for advocacy, as it identifies areas that require immediate attention to improve unmet need. For the local participating partners, it is also an opportunity to increase their visibility in the area of sexual and reproductive health and rights and to reposition the issue of contraceptive option in the local agendas. The initiative has the participation of the IPPF/WHR as coordinator, local partner organizations, responsible for local data collection, and the consultancy Firm Burson Masteller, responsible for the methodological design of the study and measuring tools, the analysis and comparison of results and the final report. The director of IWORDS Global was asked to support IPPF/WHR in the coordination of work between the local partner associations and the external evaluator (Burson Masteller). In addition, the IWORDS Global team offered support in preparing the launch of results, in the follow-up to commitments made by different actors after the launch and in the translation and editing of the barometer. This initiative has local partners from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. web content development


Year: 2015

The technical and creative team of IWORDS Global was asked to develop the webpage (I decide). The platform seeks to offer women in Latin America, in particular in Peru up to date information on how to face an unwanted pregnancy. The page offers resources such as local legislation regarding voluntary interruption of pregnancy, different options if a woman decides to interrupt her pregnancy, list of local organizations that offer support to women facing an unwanted pregnancy, and up to date, safe and scientifically proven information regarding contraceptives, pregnancy, and abortion. IWORDS Global led the entire process mapping other websites on abortion in Latin America, developing the technical and visual contents, the brand, user management and positioning of the page.

Translation of institutional documents and publications

Organization/client: Marie Stopes International

Year: 2015

Marie Stopes International is an international non-governmental organization that provides sexual and reproductive health services including contraception and safe abortion services in 38 countries. Its mission is to ensure that women throughout the world have access to high quality SRH services and can thus chose freely if and when to have children. The IWORDS Global translation and technical team has been supporting Marie Stopes International since 2015 with numerous translation assignments. So far we have translated over 30 documents ranging from guidelines on contraceptive use for every method available, training guides for trainers and medical practitioners,  and numerous internal documents.