Online platforms for content development – safe2choose

Organization/client: Safe2choose
Year: 2014

safe2choose is a social enterprise, that is part of an international non-profit movement, whose mission is to provide safe and accessible abortion pills to women who want them. Its team includes plurilingual counselors, medical professionals and experts in the field of public health, international development and social entrepreneurship. In 2014 Marcela and the IWORDS Global (then iwords&images) was invited to support the development for this initiative. safe2choose was supported for more than 18 months in the development of protocols, basic clinic guides and training tools, as well as content development for the website and guides for the users. Leveling the field for the implementation of peer service provision models worldwide (Youth team at IPPF)

Organization/client: International Planned Parenthood Federation / Youth team

Year: 2014-2015

The International Planned Parenthood Federation is a global non-governmental organization that seeks to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights, advocating for the right of individuals to make their own decisions regarding their sexuality. The IPPF has 152 Member Associations in 172 countries around the world.
Young people are at the center of the work of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). IPPF recognizes young people as sexual beings, who have the right to safe and enjoyable sex, and to expressing their sexuality however they chose to. For this reason, IPPF develops and implements programs to empower young people and improve their access to information, education, and health service independently of their age, gender, sexual orientation, capability, marital status, or financial situation. This work has generated positive achievements to date; however, it is recognized that there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure the access of young people to services and comprehensive sexuality education, and realize their sexual and reproductive rights. For this reason, in 2014, IPPF began reflecting upon the potential of involving more consistently young people in the provision of sexual and reproductive health services. Experience and research have already shown the opportunity to connect education activities with service provision, and more and more peer educators are providing contraceptives, including injectable ones and offering counseling.
IWORDS Global (then iwords&images) was hired to map the models of service provision by youth peers that are currently being implemented in the Federation and in other health organizations, covering both published literature as well as grey literature. IWORDS Global reviewed recommendations made by authorized sources on transfer of tasks /change of tasks in the health system, innovative programs, including key initiatives in mobile health and digital health, and acceptance of approaches by the users as well as service providers. IWORDS Global also contributed to this work through the development of a framework for youth participation in provision of sexual and reproductive health services, aimed at program designers, managers, and coordinators, as well as senior managers that review the implementation of initiatives to empower young people and increase the access to services of sexual and reproductive health. The framework provides programmatic and financial recommendations for implementing these initiatives. Strategic planning in challenging times (State Family Planning Federation)

Organization/client: Federación de Planificación Familiar Estatal (FPFE)

Year: 2014-2015

The State Family Planning Federation is a Spanish non-governmental organization made up of associations and individuals who believe in the free exercise of the sexual and reproductive rights of the population. It’s main objectives are to raise awareness regarding the importance of sexual and reproductive health and rights, have an impact of public powers so that they implement public policy that guarantees the SRHR of all people, and to develop social actions that, from a gender perspective, address the unmet SRHR needs of all people. The FPFE is a Member Association of the IPPF.
The Spanish economy was seriously affected as a result of the international economic crisis. The civil society organizations lost what was in many cases their main source of funding: local governments. They were forced to find new alternatives to generate income and survive. In this context the State Family Planning Federation, a local federation with presence in 8 Spanish regions and whose work focuses on ensuring sexual and reproductive health and rights for all, invited IWORDS Global (then iwords&images), to develop their strategic plan 2016-2022. The document had a strong focus on achievement financial stability and the repositioning of the leadership role of the Federation on matters of sexual and reproductive health. This process was implemented in 6 phases: revision of internal documents, interviews to key informants, carrying out of a survey available to all personnel and volunteers of the organization, a strategic meeting, drafting and final version of the plan and finally support in the revision of the working plan for the first year. Performance Assessment to date and future alternatives (Latin American consortium against Unsafe Abortion)

Organization/client: Consorcio Latinoamericano contra el Aborto Inseguro

Year: 2014

The Latin American Consortium against Unsafe Abortion is a collective made up of activists, service providers and professionals that contributes to decreasing unsafe abortion in Latin America. It promotes the access to information and modern and safe technologies in the framework of respect to sexual and reproductive rights, from a perspective of gender and equality.
The Latin American Consortium against Unsafe Abortion, a network of almost 300 individuals and organizations that includes representatives from all countries in the region, invited IWORDS Global (then iwords&images) to carry out an evaluation of efficiency, effectiveness, impact, harmonization, accountability and sustainability of its strategic plan 2011-2014. The participative evaluation included a desk review, an online survey for extended membership, 8 interviews with key information, development of three case studies and drafting of final report. The success of our collaboration led to IWORDS Global being invited to coordinate the process to develop the new strategic plan for the consortium (2015-2019)
Harm Reduction Model dissemination

Organization/client: IPPF and other organizations

Year: 2014

Marcela, in her capacity as director of IWORDS Global, has supported the IPPF and other organizations in the dissemination of the Harm Reduction Model. She has also collaborated in the training of service providers in Africa and the Arab world on the effective implementation of the model. She has coordinated and supported regional and country meetings in Tanzania and Uganda. The Harm Reduction Model facilitates access to safe information regarding abortion in restrictive contexts, backed by the right to information and confidentiality and the existence of safe methods such as misoprostol that can be self-administered by women. The model allows women that exercise their reproductive autonomy not to be excluded from the health system. It began in 2006 in Uruguay with Iniciativas Sanitarias and it has been supported and accompanied by IPPF/WHR from its beginning