About us



What is IWORDS Global?

IWORDS Global is a social entrepreneurship with years of experience in human rights, development and sustainability. We seek to strengthen civil society organizations, multilateral agencies, movements, networks and social responsibility efforts, and support them in their work in reaching the most vulnerable populations.

Our leading multidisciplinary team – a diverse and passionate group of professionals based all over the world – offers extensive experience and expertise, having worked with organizations, big and small, around the world. We know first-hand the challenges faced by organizations because we have faced them ourselves.

Our vision…

Become a leading provider of institutional development and learning solutions, specialized language services and written and visual content among civil society organizations, international agencies, social ventures and other initiatives working on rights, development, relief and sustainability  helping them realize their full potential and reach the most vulnerable populations.

Our approach…

  • Maximize rigor without compromising relevance.
  • Involvement of multidisciplinary teams.
  • Interaction with our clients, stakeholders and beneficiaries from all levels of intervention, when developing solutions -face to face, via Skype, teleconference, etc.
  • Inclusiveness and sensitivity to the diverse needs and backgrounds of the target audiences.
  • Involvement of multilingual staff/native consultants and translators to work with us when required.
  • Development of context-sensitive and culturally appropriate solutions.


What can we do for you and your organization?   

At IWORDS Global we are committed to help organizations and other actors realize their full potential by:

Offering tools and support to implement strategic planning processes, program and project design, and monitoring and evaluation activities.

Providing advice on drafting and implementing institutional sustainability and development plans, fundraising strategies and high quality proposals.

Helping them deliver context-specific and culturally appropriate information and effective messages by offering high quality design, translation, transcription and copy-writing services (*native professional translators and editors for all languages offered).


Where we work?

In the past, our clients have come from countries the world over, and we love that. We are passionate about diversity, and feel it is one of our strongest suits. Our multidisciplinary team has worked with organizations, initiatives and networks, big and small, throughout Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.  All our clients are committed to tackle the most pressing needs faced by vulnerable populations, promote and defend human rights for all and implement sustainable projects and programs.  We believe in and value their role!  And that is why we enjoy supporting them in documenting and learning from their work; in strengthening their strategies, programs and plans; in accessing the funds they need; and in conveying their messages in multicultural environments through high quality translation and visual content.

Our team members are proud to have supported organizations, initiatives and networks in:  LOOK AT MAPS


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