OUr Social mission in numbers January-November 2017

Hours of FREE Institutional Support provided to small civil society organization


Innovating Work on Rights, Development and Sustainability around the world

Helping organizations realize their full potential & reach the most vulnerable populations


We understand the challenges faced by your organization because we have faced them ourselves.  Our team members have years of experience working in rights, development and humanitarian organizations and initiatives around the world. We have direct first-hand knowledge of how organizations and social initiatives work, where their strengths often lie and where they tend to need support. Our years of experience working within and with organizations have allowed us to best identify how we can complement and best contribute to their work.

At  IWORDS Global we can help strengthen organizations and other actors and their work by supporting:

Strategic planning processes, program and project design, and monitoring and evaluation activities

Drafting and implementing institutional sustainability and development plans, fundraising strategies and high-quality proposals.

Delivery of context-specific and culturally appropriate information and effective messages by offering high-quality design, translation, transcription and copy-writing services (*native professional translators and editors for all languages offered).



Supported projects by IWORDS Global